Fire Department

volunteer fire deptThe Long Prairie Fire Department has been serving the community since 1889 protecting lives and property. The department recently received the exceptional ISO insurance rating of "4". Services provided by the department include fire suppression, EMS, rescue and extrication.

Chief: Dan Laumeyer
Fire Fighters: 22 Volunteer Professionals

Dispatching and individual firefighter paging service provided by Todd County Sheriff's Department 911 System.

Service Area:

The area served by the Department is the City of Long Prairie, two complete adjoining townships and parts of seven other area townships which consist of 325 square miles of service. Service all/or parts of the following townships:

  • Bruce
  • Burnhamville
  • Hartford
  • Iona
  • Leslie
  • Little Sauk
  • Long Prairie
  • Reynolds
  • Round Prairie


The Department includes 24 members who are Firefighter I Certified with over 100 hours technical college training.

  1. 24 members certified as First Responders for medical emergencies.
  2. All members are trained as aerial apparatus operators
  3. Trained by the National Weather Service for weather spotting
  4. The Department is also qualified for "high angle rope rescue" and trained in cold water rescue.
  5. A11 Firefighters are FF1/FF11/Hazmat and EMR certified


Unit Year Model Manufacturer Type
140 2005 International 4-door Custom 1500 GPM pumper
141 1991 Navistar 4-door Toyne 1000 GPM pumper
143 2010 Freightliner Midwest 2000 gallon tanker
144 2001 Sterling LT8513 Toyne 3000 gallon tanker
145 1986 Chevrolet Midwest 4x4 grass rig
145-01 1977 Chevrolet   Utility Truck
145-02 2004 Kubota UTV   4x4 grass rig/rescue
146 1997 Ford F350 Conway 4x4 grass rig
148 2005 75' Aerial Ladder Pierce 1500 GPM
149 2000 Sterling L7500  Central Heavy Rescue
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