The Long Prairie community is diverse. The diversity has strengthened the community’s economy and general well-being.

Newcomers to the Long Prairie community will find a welcoming atmosphere and resources to get established in our town. A welcome center was founded in 2021, located in the Great River Regional Library building. It is called the WAVE/Saludos Center and supports engagement and outreach among all newcomers by providing resources at key access points, developing community partnerships, and hosting community networking meetings. WAVE/Saludos stands for "Welcoming Advocates Valuing Everyone", with Saludos being the Spanish translation for "wave". Its vision? To empower new and existing community members by fostering a welcoming environment, while providing equitable access to community resources associated with wellness.

Quote from Hispanic resident:

“Be more of yourself, Long Prairie gives you that freedom.  There is opportunity here … how much are you willing to take.”

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