The Long Prairie community is diverse with multi-generations of families of Native American, Hispanic, Latino, Puerto Rican, Dominican and European descent. The diversity has strengthened the community and created strong families deeply rooted in their faith.

New immigrants to the Long Prairie community will find a welcoming atmosphere and helpful community members who have successfully navigated the transition to a new community. 

The City of Long Prairie partnered with the Long Prairie School District to offer families translation services and community programs to help new residents meet families and find resources.  Long Prairie residents can sign up for citizenship programs, drivers education education, GED and resume and interview courses. These and other programs are designed to help Long Prairie residents find successful employment. 

Long Prairie currently has three Mexican grocery stores, a Mexican bakery, two Mexican restaurants and an organic food cooperative.

Quote from Hispanic resident:

“Be more of yourself, Long Prairie gives you that freedom.  There is opportunity here … how much are you willing to take.”

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