Long Prairie Police Department

The Long Prairie Police Department is comprised of six full-time and six part-time police officers. The department provides “around the clock” service to the community.

The Police Department is located at Long Praire City Hall, 615 Lake Street South, Long Prairie, MN 56347.

The Officers of this Department are committed to providing a variety of services and programs.  We are actively involved in both community safety events, as well as educational services from pre-school to our valued seniors.

The Long Prairie Police Department is dedicated to its partnership with the citizens of Long Prairie in keeping our community safe and a great place to live.

~Duane Breiter, Chief of Police

Police Chief: 

Duane Breiter 

Patrol Officers:

Full Time

  • Trevor Larson
  • Ryan Hanson
  • Rodger Lowe 
  • Doug Rakow
  • Ethan Wise

Part Time

  • Dan Lueth
  • Dan Hoeschen
  • Kristy Brackett
  • Aimee Sebesta
  • Bryan Lashinski
  • Preston Otterer

      Contact Information

      Long Prairie Police Department
      615 Lake Street South
      Long Prairie, MN  56347

      Phone:  (320)732-2156
      FAX:  (320)732-2847
      Email:  longprairie.pd@state.mn.us

      Normal Office Hours:  (Monday - Friday)  7:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

      Police Coverage: 24 Hours

      *Effective 1-1-2018
      To speak directly to the on-duty officer, dial (320)732-2156, and then push "0" when you hear the prompts.

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      What to do for Suspicious Incidents

      Suspicious incidents occur when someone observes activity that is odd for what is normal of the neighborhood or the surrounding circumstances. It is when attention is drawn to a person's conduct that is unusual, different, odd, dangerous, appears wrongful, or just-not-right under the circumstances. Suspicious activity is an occurrence that is out of place and should not be happening in the neighborhood under normal circumstances. If you observe any suspicious activity, you should IMMEDIATELY CALL THE POLICE anytime you are unsure if someone or something appears not to fit in your neighborhood. Use your gut feeling, if it doesn’t seem right, just call and the Police will attempt to find out what is happening.

      What is Neighborhood Watch?

      A watchful neighborhood is key to preventing crime because many criminals are discouraged if they might be observed. Information that you or your neighbors give the police about suspicious activities can result in quicker and more successful solutions.

      Neighborhood Watch Information

      How to Start a Neighborhood Watch