Community Profile

The County Seat of Todd County, Long Prairie is a thriving community, named for the river that runs through its heart. With a regional airport, industrial park, and industrial business incubator building, Long Prairie is a hub of business activity for the county. It’s also an ethnically and culturally diverse place, with a strong Hispanic tradition and festivals that celebrate its history of more than 150 years.

Long Prairie is a progressive community located in Central Minnesota with a growing population of 3,597. With a median age of 37, Long Prairie has strong workforce participation numbers and median household income is on the rise. Still, Long Prairie is an affordable place to live with the average house costing only $120,205 - making the community an attractive destination for young families and retirees. 

Working in Long Prairie is incredibly convenient. Most workers have a commute of under 15-minutes! And those who need to travel for work can easily access major transportation routes since Long Prairie is located at three major highways: U.S. Highway 71, State Highway 27 and State Highway 287. 

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