Honoring a Legacy: Rick Utech's Retirement from TCDC

Monday, June 17, 2024

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Celebrating Years of Dedication and Community Impact

After 14 years at the helm of the Todd County Development Corporation (TCDC), Rick Utech bids farewell, leaving behind a legacy of transformation and progress. As he embarks on a new chapter in his life, his departure marks the end of an era defined by dedication, innovation, and unwavering commitment to Todd County's development.

Building from the Ground Up:  A Journey of Growth and Achievement

From its inception, Utech played a pivotal role in shaping TCDC into a powerhouse for economic development in Todd County. His vision and leadership were instrumental in establishing crucial initiatives, including the TCDC Revolving Loan Fund and the Small Business Development Center, which empowered local entrepreneurs and fueled economic growth. Utech provided 1,643 hours of SBDC assistance and 1,323 hours of other technical assistance to businesses, organizations, and non-profits.

Revitalizing Spaces, Empowering Communities

Utech's tenure was marked by the successful revitalization of vacant buildings and the initiation of large-scale projects that injected new life into the county's economy. Through strategic marketing and collaboration, he transformed dormant spaces like the LSC Printing and Stearns buildings, contributing to the vibrancy and prosperity of Todd County. Some of the larger projects spearheaded by Utech include the Timberlake Hotel & Event Center in Staples, working with Long Prairie Packing Company to bring the 2nd Avenue and 4th Street Apartment Housing projects in Long Prairie, and helping Enterprise CP in acquiring the LSC building in Long Prairie.

A Legacy of Collaboration and Impact

Utech's impact extended beyond individual projects, encompassing collaborations with key stakeholders and administering vital grants, including those addressing the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. His tireless efforts facilitated over $1.8 million in grants to local businesses and organizations, providing critical support during unprecedented times.

Passing the Torch: A Seamless Transition and Vision for the Future

As Utech passes the torch to Melissa Wyman, his successor, he leaves TCDC in capable hands. With her wealth of experience and dedication to community development, Wyman is poised to lead TCDC into a new era of growth and prosperity. Utech's advice to Wyman is clear: embrace innovation, trust in the team, and continue to elevate TCDC's mission to new heights.

Retirement Plans

In his well-earned retirement, Rick Utech looks forward to indulging in his passions and reconnecting with the things that bring him joy. With a plan to take an initial 3-4 months break, Utech eagerly anticipates the opportunity to reflect on his journey and chart a course for the future. Rick is an avid outdoorsman who enjoys fishing, hunting, and metal detecting, among other favorite activities. Additionally, Utech harbors dreams of embarking on travel adventures, savoring new experiences, and creating cherished memories with his loved ones. Above all, his retirement plans center on the simple joys of spending quality time with family, embracing life's adventures and relishing retirement's newfound freedom.

Celebrating a Remarkable Journey: A Dinner in Honor of Rick Utech

Recently, TCDC hosted a dinner to celebrate Utech's remarkable contributions and bid him a fond farewell. The event served as a poignant reminder of Utech's enduring legacy and profound impact on Todd County's development.

As Rick Utech embarks on a well-deserved retirement, his legacy will continue to inspire and guide TCDC's mission to foster economic growth, innovation, and prosperity in Todd County and beyond. With gratitude and admiration, we wish him all the best in his future endeavors.

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