Upgrading Long Prairie's Parks & Playgrounds: A Vision for Modern Recreation Spaces

Monday, August 21, 2023

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a)Restoration of Riverside Park

Nestled in the heart of Long Prairie, Minnesota, Riverside Park stands as a testament to history, community, and nature. Once a vibrant tourist attraction designed by the Minnesota Department of Transportation and constructed by the Works Progress Administration (WPA) in 1936, this park has endured years of neglect and transformation. However, a promising opportunity awaits as the city seeks funding to restore its former glory and imbue it with a newfound purpose.

The park's story began in 1936 when the Minnesota DOT envisioned a tourist haven by the riverside. The WPA's skilled hands turned this vision into reality, crafting a picturesque landscape with water features, pathways, and elegant bridges. The park boasted two ponds due to a diverted waterway meticulously dug by WPA workers. These ponds were destined for ice skating and recreation, surrounded by meticulously crafted concrete bridges connecting various parks' corners. As World War II unfolded, the park faced its first major setback – flooding and the subsequent lack of maintenance due to the scarcity of manpower and machinery.

Years passed, and the park's fate took a downward turn. Ownership shifted hands multiple times, leading to the land being sold to private individuals who shared a different commitment to its upkeep. By the 1960s, the once-majestic park had deteriorated into a canvas for graffiti, littered with debris, and overgrown with invasive species. Riverside Park's glory days were lost to history.

Yet, a glimmer of hope emerged through a generous offer from the most recent owner's family. In 2017, following his passing, the family donated the land back to the city, sparking a potential renaissance for Riverside Park. The opportunity to restore the park's original charm and enhance its public utility soon became apparent.

The proposed solution seeks to marry conservation, recreation, and community engagement. Recognizing the park's potential to offset the impacts of climate change, the project focuses on improving water retention and flood mitigation. A comprehensive plan includes the removal of sediment and debris from the ponds, revitalizing the waterway, and installing culverts to ensure proper drainage. The historic paths that had fallen into disrepair will be restored, leveling and seeding them to prevent erosion. Invasive species will be removed, giving way to native flora that sustains local wildlife and benefits the ecosystem.

This endeavor, rich in promise, envisions a transformed Riverside Park. An investment of $45,000 will restore the original park paths, connecting visitors to its historical significance. A budget of $96,000 will drive the essential task of clearing waterways and ponds, reviving them to their former glory. These milestones are not just about physical restoration; they represent a renewed commitment to Long Prairie's heritage and future.

b) New playground equipment for Locke Circle Park and Lake Charlotte Park

In addition to the revitalization efforts at Riverside Park, the City of Long Prairie is embarking on an equally transformative project – the rejuvenation of Locke Circle Park and Lake Charlotte Park's playground equipment. 

With its spacious adjoining green areas and convenient pavilions, Lake Charlotte Park has become a vibrant playground hub. Its expansive 13,000 square feet of combined playground space can host between 30 and 40 players, making it an ideal location for events and gatherings. Designed to serve children aged 1 to 16, the park's transformation provides an inclusive space for the community's young members to explore, learn, and bond.

On the other hand, Locke Circle Park, nestled in a central residential neighborhood, offers a more intimate setting. Spanning 3,500 square feet, this park boasts ample green space for various activities. While accommodating an estimated 10 to 15 players, Locke Circle Park is a focal point for its local community. Its proximity and accessibility make it a prime destination for families seeking a safe and engaging play environment.

Incorporating modern playground designs and features, the upgraded Locke Circle Park and Lake Charlotte Park playgrounds aim to bring vibrancy back to these treasured spaces. As these playgrounds are carefully designed to cater to diverse age ranges, the City envisions a future where children, teenagers, and families can come together, engage in active play, and create lasting memories.

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