Unlocking Business Success: Workshops in Long Prairie, Minnesota

Monday, January 08, 2024

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Empowering Entrepreneurs for Success

The Initiative Foundation's Business Basics Workshop Series is arriving in Long Prairie, Minnesota! These workshops, tailored to bolster emerging entrepreneurs, aim to equip individuals with the fundamental knowledge required to navigate the intricate world of business ownership. Partnering with the Long Prairie Chamber of Commerce, this initiative presents various topics vital for entrepreneurial success.

Exploring Vital Business Elements: Current Offerings

Bookkeeping Best Practices
Bookkeeping and tax management might not top the list of thrilling business tasks, but their significance to your success must be balanced. Geared towards beginners or those needing to refine their record-keeping systems, this workshop delves into the essentials.
What You'll Learn:

  • Importance of clean records
  • Cost-saving benefits of effective bookkeeping
  • Best practices and alternatives to self-bookkeeping

Cottage Food Production
Venturing into the food production industry from the comfort of your home is exciting. This workshop illuminates becoming a cottage food producer, offering insights and necessary guidelines.

  • Minnesota's definition of cottage foods
  • Advantages and registration procedures for cottage food production

Food Safety for Restaurants and Food Trucks
For aspiring restaurateurs or food truck entrepreneurs, understanding and adhering to food safety protocols is paramount. This workshop covers the foundational steps required to initiate your food-based business.
Gain Insight Into:

  • Guiding principles behind food licensing
  • Mandatory training and certifications
  • Sanitation procedures and licensing requisites at various levels

Get out of Your Way: Managing Limiting Beliefs
Self-doubt can often impede business growth. Overcoming limiting beliefs is vital to unlocking your full potential as a business owner. This workshop addresses these internal hurdles.
Learn About:

  • Identifying and tackling limiting beliefs
  • Their impact and strategies for conquering them

Invite the Conversation: Earning Social Media Engagement
Social media's role in business is undeniable. This workshop serves as a primer for businesses new to social media or seeking to optimize their online presence for tangible results.
Get Insights On:

  • Selecting the right platforms
  • Crafting engaging content
  • Crafting a sustainable social media strategy

Future Offerings and Your Voice Matters!

Building Business Credit
Understanding and fortifying your business credit is crucial for future financial endeavors. This upcoming workshop will highlight the five C's of credit and how they influence loan approvals.
Anticipate Learning:

  • Meaning and impact of the five C's
  • Strengthening your business's credit profile
  • Resources for securing financing

Lean Business Model: One-Page Business Plan
Simplifying business planning through a concise, impactful one-page business plan is on the horizon.

Marketing with AI: How to Use Artificial Intelligence to Increase Engagement
An exploration of leveraging artificial intelligence for enhancing marketing capacities awaits.

Have Your Say!
Your interests shape our workshops. Express your preferences through our online form or contact Haakon Lehn, the Initiative Foundation's entrepreneurship programs coordinator, or Luan Thomas-Brunkhorst at the Long Prairie Chamber of Commerce. Your suggestions and feedback steer our offerings toward what matters most to you!
Business classes in Long Prairie, Minnesota, are evolving to cater to the needs of budding entrepreneurs. Join us in this enriching journey towards business success!

Contact details: Haakon Lehn        Luan Thomas-Brunkhorst
Hlehn@ifound.org                chamber@longprairie.org
(720) 366-1900                (320) 732-2514


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