Melissa Wyman's Journey to Elevate Todd County's Economic Landscape

Monday, April 29, 2024

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Melissa Wyman is the new Director at the Todd County Development Corporation. She brings a wealth of experience from her tenure as the Economic Development Director for the City of Staples and Executive Director of the Staples Economic Development Authority. Wyman's extensive background in economic development and dedication to community projects make her a natural fit for this new leadership role.

Economic Development Expertise

Wyman's accomplishments in Staples include significant projects such as the Lakewood Plaza with a $7.6 million investment, which brought housing, a pharmacy, and commercial units to the community. She also oversaw an $8.5 million investment from Essentia Health, leading to the construction of a clinic that includes a pharmacy and a $1.5 million investment from Burlington Northern in a new maintenance shop and railroad crossing.

In addition to large-scale development projects, Wyman has been involved in various community revitalization efforts, such as the downtown revitalization project, which included murals, planters, banners, lights, and wayfinding signage.

Melissa Wyman has overseen several key projects in the City of Staples that reflect her commitment to community and infrastructure development. She facilitated the construction of a new maintenance shop and completed a new railroad crossing, enhancing the city's operational efficiency and transportation safety. Additionally, Wyman managed a $27 million investment in school improvements, including upgrades to the elementary school and constructing a new gymnasium, providing students with a modern and enriching educational environment.

A balance of economic and community development marks Wyman's projects. For example, she played a crucial role in attracting the Timberlake Hotel to Staples, a $5.8 million investment that enhanced local tourism and business.

Challenges and Vision

In a recent telephone conversation, Wyman expressed her excitement about her new role at Todd County Development Corporation. Although she recognizes the challenges of stepping back from a city-specific focus to a broader, county-wide perspective, she is enthusiastic about applying her knowledge and experience to help multiple communities achieve their economic development goals

Wyman emphasized her goal of expanding the Todd County Development Corporation's offerings and strengthening the organization. Her focus will include supporting small businesses, fostering community growth, and identifying the needs and barriers within different communities across the county.

Core Focus for 2024

Wyman plans to spend her initial months in the role meeting with different community leaders, businesses, and residents across the county to understand their specific needs and challenges. This approach will help her shape her strategies to support local economic development, including education, housing, and small business growth.

Personal Life and Hobbies

Wyman is a dedicated mother to her two teenagers, Jaden and Shyla, and she enjoys spending time with them outside of work. In her spare time, she embraces outdoor activities, particularly during the summer months. Her interests include kayaking, tubing, and visiting theme parks, reflecting her love for adventure and the great outdoors.

Melissa Wyman's diverse experience and passion for community development make her a robust Todd County Development Corporation leader. Her focus on collaboration, community needs, and economic growth promises a bright future for the communities she serves. As she transitions into her new role, Wyman is poised to impact Todd County significantly.

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