Beautification Efforts To Transform the City of Long Prairie

Tuesday, May 30, 2023

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Long Prairie is undergoing a stunning visual transformation as it embraces a renewed commitment to beautification. Several initiatives are in the cards to enhance the city's visual appeal, bringing a sense of vibrancy and a fresh look to the community.

  • One notable change is the replacement of all Christmas decorations after 25 years of faithful service. The city recognized the need for a lighter and brighter display, so energy-efficient LED lights were chosen. These new decorations aim to provide a festive ambiance during the holiday season and contribute to a more eco-friendly environment.
  • Improvements to the city's signage have also played a crucial role in the beautification efforts. New signs have been erected at prominent locations, including HWY 71, on the north and south sides of town. Diligent Public Works department workers have also repainted the HWY 287 and 27 signs. At Lake Charlotte, a brand new sign with an intricately crafted frame built by the Lions Club now greets visitors with a warm and inviting welcome.
  • To further enhance the charm of the city's streets, 20 hanging flower pots have been approved and installed along Central Avenue. These vibrant displays, lovingly cared for by the Public Works team, add a touch of natural beauty to the bustling downtown area. Harley Van Ruler generously donated the brackets supporting the pots, once again showcasing the spirit of community involvement and cooperation in the town. 

These efforts not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of Long Prairie but also contribute to a sense of pride and community spirit.  Mary Schmidt, a retired FACS teacher, lifetime active community member, and EDA board member, says, “When you drive into it town, you know, whether you're a local or a visitor when you see that there's been some effort put forth to make things visually attractive, it shows that the people care about their community and have a welcoming attitude. It visually perks up the town when you see some color and witness seasonal decorations. It adds cheer to the atmosphere.”

  • To enliven the streetscape even more, the city has embarked on a project to adorn Central Avenue and HWY 71 with colorful banners. With the approval of 38 new banners, residents and visitors alike will be treated to an artistic display that captures the essence of Long Prairie. These banners are being thoughtfully designed, purchased, and carefully hung, and they will celebrate the city's unique character and serve as a visual delight.

Schmidt and other community members are involved in the beautification process, which constantly evolves. “This is an ongoing project. We have a downtown area that continues to need some improvements. So do some park areas. The community in Long Prairie is close-knit, and we just keep working on little things like these. For us, every project is a step forward towards a beautiful town,” she says. 

The beautification initiatives in Long Prairie reflect the city's commitment to creating a welcoming and visually appealing environment for its residents and visitors. As residents and visitors stroll along Central Avenue or drive through the city, they are greeted by a visually captivating and inviting atmosphere. Long Prairie's commitment to beautification ensures that the city remains a delightful destination and a testament to the power of visual enhancement.

Long Prairie: A Vibrant Community Where All Are Welcome!

Established along the banks of the Long Prairie River, Long Prairie is a charming and diverse community known for its festivals, hard-working people, agricultural base, and thriving small businesses. Long Prairie also benefits from more significant industries, a CentraCare medical and wellness campus, and modern school facilities. Living here is fun!

From a business perspective, Long Prairie’s Central Minnesota location is ideal, with easy access to air and roadways. An industrial park and business incubator are located here to help companies grow;  businesses and families receive all the support they need to thrive. Visit us here for more information.

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